Resources for Creating Mission-driven Churches

Tools and other resources are available for congregations and conference offices to use in their desire for missional excellence. These tools and resources are based upon research as well as how well they work in real life.  Tools and resources, however, will always supplement and are never a substitute for spirituality.  “The revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs. To see this should be our first work.” Review and Herald, March 22, 1887.

Please be aware that as these resources are tested “in the field” they will be continuously upgraded and improved.  All resources described below can be ordered from AdventSource.  Local conferences can order these in reduced bulk rate.


Introduction for Members 5.3.19

You may download this page and print off as many copies as you need. You may also be given copies. Side ONE distinguishes between a Regular Church A and a Mission--driven Church B. Then, it explains to members how to become a Mission-driven Church.

Side TWO is an informal inventory for church members to read and rate from “1” low to “10 high. This is NOT an evaluation of the church overall; it only indicates how strategic the church is so the church can know and grow.  Let them discuss and arrive at score for each Habit.


Orientation for Leaders 5.3.19

Your church board and other leaders should use this as the next step.  This brochure defines a mission-driven church (page 1).   Then it goes through the stages of becoming a mission-driven church from the Introduction to Preparation (including a description of resources) and on to ideas for a Launch (page 3)and then continuous improvement.


MdX Inventory Page

How do I give the MdX Inventory to my church? You will find answers here! On this page you will find the files (downloadable) and instructional videos to be able to help you give the MdX inventory to your board, strategy team, or church.

Regular PPT Intro to MdX 2.5 (Powerpoint)

Short PPT Intro MX 2.5 (Powerpoint)


Implementing Mission-driven Excellence Month by Month


Weekend Launch Brainstorms


Mission-driven Kit.

Pilot-group pastors will be given a Kit (pictured on Orientation for Church Leaders, page 2) free of charge upon request from AdventSource. Contact Dr. Lynette Wood, Implementation Coach, at or at (301) 385-3970.


Pastor’s Implementation Guide 3.4.19

To start out, read pages 1-16 for a good overview of your responsibilities.  A hard copy is in the Kit.


Presenter’s Manual 3.4.19 (Also in French 5.3.19)

To start out, read pages 1-7. A hard copy is in the Kit.  Power-point slides and even some videos may be found in the Kit or on the web-site.


Participant’s Workbook 5.3.19 (Also in French)

A hard copy is in the Kit. IMPORTANT:  You will need a hard copy for each board member to use.  Contact Dr. Wood and let her know how many copies you need. You will be sent them free of charge. MISSION is to be the first item on the board agenda each time for 14-30 minutes) allowing your board members to learn about the Habits.  The Workbooks stay at Church for board use each time.


USB Drive with downloadable resources are in your Kit but a more up-to-date collection is on our Website to be updated continuously.  On July 4, we will unveil a new web site. Watch for news.


“How to” Videos.  

These are mini-videos of only about 4-5 minutes.  Each one, summarizes one important concept.  First, look at them yourself; then, you may also show your board. Most of the videos end with a question that your church board can discuss and come to consensus.  See below.

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Resources by Topic

Preparation 1:  Why Strategy?   

See Presenters Manual and Participant’s Workbook

Presentation Outline     INTRO 1 Why Strategy-Presentation Plan 2.9.19


Power-point slides PPT Introduction #2. Why Strategy. pptx

Preparation 2: Why Church?  

See Presenters Manual and Participant’s Workbook

Presentation Outline     INTRO 2 Why Church-Presentation Plan 2.9.19


Power-point slides PPT Introduction #2. Why Church.pptx


Habit 1: Taking Inventory  

See Presenters Manual and Participant’s Workbook

Presentation Outline Habit 1 Presentation Plan 2.9.19

Power-point slides PPT Habit #1 Taking Inventory.pptx

Other resource options

          1c(1) Church Health Inventory

          Mission-driven Excellence Inventory 2.0

          Natural Church Development


Habit 2: Making Commitments  

See Presenters Manual and Participant’s Workbook

Presentation Outline Habit 2 Presentation Plan 2.9.19. (missing)

Power-point slides PPT Habit #2 Making Commitments.pptx

Other resource options

          P2(3)a H2.2 Six-month Rollout BLANK

          1a(2) Spiritual Retreat Ideas

          1d(3) Sermon Idea BC Sabbath


Habit 3: Creating Climate.  

See Presenters Manual and Participant’s Workbook

Presentation Outline Habit 3 Presentation Plan 2.9.19

Power-point slidesPPT Habit #3 Creating Climate.pptx

Other resource options

          1a(1) H3.1 Church Life Inventory

          1d(5) Principles of Christ-like Discourse 

          1d(9) h3.5 TalkR.I.T.E. 1.0, docx

Habit 4:  Developing Leaders

          360 Feedback

          Annual Smart Goals Sheet

          Performance Excellence Profile     


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